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Fluence has a new website!

It feels a little bit quaint to be so excited about a new website. “Welcome to the new!” might sound a little bit more 2003 than 2023, but there are plenty of other signs that we’re living in the future. 

For one thing, in 2003 psychedelic-assisted therapy was just barely beginning to make its way back into the world of legitimate clinical research. Breakthrough FDA status, New York Times headlines, and yes, continuing education in psychedelic therapy was still a long ways away. But here we are twenty years later, excited to reintroduce Fluence to not only the psychedelic therapy world, but to the world of healthcare and continuing education more broadly.

Meanwhile, it feels like the psychedelic world has seen a lifetime of news cycles in the last three years alone. In the time since Fluence was founded we’ve been focused on delivering the best possible professional education and training in psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy, and slowly and sustainably building the organization to support it. Our course curriculum has grown organically from a two day foundational workshop to three 150-hour Certificate Programs and dozens of other courses, events and retreats, led by some of the best clinicians and researchers in the field. (Indeed the only thing that has grown more impressively than our curriculum is our incredible team of trainers.) But all of this also meant that we had been making do with an early iteration of our website that we quickly outgrew.

So we’ve been working hard over the last few months to upgrade the site and make it easier for prospective students to learn about our Certificate Programs and browse our Course Catalog—including our growing on-demand video library. We’ve also improved access to information about things like our Diversity Fund and Continuing Education credits, and there’s also a robust FAQ to help answer all the nuanced questions that keep coming up in this rapidly evolving space.

For those of you just getting oriented we’ve also added some basic guides about the difference between psychedelic therapy and psychedelic integration, as well as a brief history of the field. We’ll be continuing to add educational content and resources for professionals in the coming weeks and months, so make sure and sign up for our newsletter to get updates.

A number of these new features have been designed to help accommodate new offerings beyond just the growing course curriculum. In January we launched the free monthly Fluence Webinar series, where we’ve been inviting experts in the field and exploring topics like How to Build a KAP Practice, or Putting Psychedelic Integration into Practice. We’ve already had more than 1000 professionals join us for these live online events. Our next webinar is coming up on March 20th and will feature our friends at the Fireside Project, exploring Building Bridges of Psychedelic Care, and the important relationship between clinical and peer support.

On that note, one common misconception about psychedelic therapy is that it’s an almost magical quick fix. Psychedelics are indeed powerful tools that can disrupt an otherwise stuck or rigid system. But what you do with that disruptive moment is a crucial question—one that is best approached with patience, curiosity, and humility. Effective integration is a slow and steady process. And while that work is infinitely more important than any company or website, we like to think that we’ve approached things at Fluence with similar intent. Real long term systemic change is not going to appear fully-formed overnight.

That said, psychedelics are also full of paradoxes, and sometimes you do get to experience quantum change from one day to the next. So we’re excited to be able to share ours with you, hopeful that it will help continue to move this work forward, safely and sustainably.

We’d love to hear what you think! If you have feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or share on socials @fluencetraining. Otherwise we hope to see you at an event or course sometime soon!


P.S. A big thank you to the fine folks at Kalamuna who helped us execute our vision on this new site!

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