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Dan MacCombie is a mental health counselor, entrepreneur, and Director of Product at Fluence. He started his career by co-founding the social enterprise/beverage company Runa. After 8 years of the ups and downs of the startup life, Dan shifted his attention to the inner world of the human experience. This led to him developing his practice as a coach and leader of men’s retreats and programs, including as a lead facilitator and COO of EVRYMAN.

In 2020, Dan recognized that his commitment to human growth and flourishing required him to deepen his knowledge and practice. He enrolled in Northwestern University’s Master’s in Counseling program, graduating in 2022. Through this experience of mental health education, on top of his college experience as a leader in the drug policy reform movement, he saw the potential that psychedelic-assisted therapies have to address many of the challenges and questions facing individuals and our world at large. Dan thus joined Lykos Therapeutics (formerly MAPS PBC) as Training Partnerships Manager, building his understanding of the psychedelics field, and what is required to bring effective education, growth, and equity to a space still defining itself.

As Director of Product at Fluence, Dan manages the strategy, development, and rollout of new education programs, as well as supporting and advising the organization on key strategic questions and functions.

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