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Elin is a licensed clinical psychologist with a background in general psychiatry and private practice. Elin is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked as a therapist in Sweden’s first clinical trial with psilocybin for depression at the Karolinska Institute. She has extensive training in psychedelic-assisted therapy, and she trained with COMPASS (psilocybin for depression) and MAPS (MDMA-AT for PTSD) as a study therapist. She has also facilitated and co-developed legal psilocybin group retreat programs for personal development with the company Nysnö, where she has seen around 200 participants through the process. As a therapist, her background is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness-based interventions. At her private practice, Elin offers psychotherapy as well as psychedelic harm reduction and integration. Elin is also a yoga teacher and regularly practices and teaches yin classes.