Miles Bukiet, LMSW, MAPP, is a meditation teacher and therapist. He has a masters in Social Work from Columbia University and Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Miles worked at New York University’s Center for Psychedelic Medicine on the USONA phase two psilocybin for depression study and in private practice with ketamine. Miles trained in MDMA assisted psychotherapy with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and ketamine assisted psychotherapy with the Psychedelic Research Training Institute (PRATI). Miles also spent five years training full-time at Buddhist monasteries in South East Asia and in the United States including two years of solitary retreat under the guidance of Alan Wallace, Ph.D. and Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D. and completed a 1,600 hour Am.SAT certified Alexander Technique teacher training. He teaches meditation for a range of universities, non-profits, companies, and individuals and is a co-founder of Dharma Gates, a non-profit, that provides pathways into meditation practice for young people.