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Sabrina Santa Clara is located in the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado. While she is a licensed Counselor in Colorado, she works internationally as an educator, trauma-informed transpersonal coach and spiritual midwife. Sabrina has extensive experience working with nonmedicinal expanded states of consciousness via embodied practices such as Authentic Movement, Butoh, breathwork, somatic meditation, Internal Family Systems, sound healing, chanting and other expressive and creative arts therapies. She has been professionally helping clients integrate their psychedelic experiences since 2018 and received her Certification in Psychedelic Integration Therapy through Fluence in 2021. Sabrina is an Advanced Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist who earned her masters in Somatic Counseling Psychology and Dance/Movement therapy from Naropa University. She teaches internationally on a variety of topics such as IFS, spirituality, psychedelic integration, and cultural trauma. She is the developer of Self Psychedelic Integration and Psychotherapeutic Touch, and offers certification courses in both these specialities. Sabrina is a nonbinary, bicultural and bilingual (Spanish) artist who lives in the in between spaces. She has an affinity for working with therapists, healers, coaches, and people who experience themselves as “outside the norm.” You can find more information about Sabrina here.