Frequently Asked Questions about Fluence Postgraduate Certificate Programs

Are the Certificate Programs entirely online?

All courses are available online except for the experiential retreat. Some courses will have both online and in person options.

Where can I find information about dates and times for the individual courses?

Please see for individual course offerings.

Do I need to be a licensed clinician to participate in a Certificate Program?

Yes. Participants are expected to be independently licensed and able to practice psychotherapy within their scope of practice. Fluence will not review everyone’s scope of practice in their particular jurisdiction. If you are applying we are asking you to inform us of your license. You are responsible for determining that you are practicing within your scope of practice.

Do I need prior experience/training as a psychotherapist to be in the Certificate Program?

Yes. The Certificate Program does not provide basic psychotherapy training. If you are a licensed clinician but do not have psychotherapy training please consider a 1-year certificate program in psychotherapy prior to applying. One suggestion in the NYC Area is the Adelphi Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program

Do you offer scholarship support?

At this time we offer scholarship support on an application basis to almost all of the learning component courses. You will need to apply for a scholarship to each course as you enroll. We do not offer scholarship support for the program matriculation fee. Note: Scholarships are generally for 50% of the course fees and do not cover CE, CME, or lodging/meals at retreat programs.

I have previously received scholarship support for a Fluence course, and now want to apply to the Certificate Program. Will I receive scholarship support for the rest of the courses?

It is our policy to continue to provide scholarship support to program participants who have enrolled in the certificate program. You will need to apply for it at enrollment in each learning component.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, the Certificate Programs fee can be paid in 12 monthly installments.

Are you affiliated with an academic institution?

No. This program is entirely independent of any academic institution.

Are the courses for the Certificate Program completely distinct from courses you offer generally?

No, with a few exceptions courses you take for the certificate program are open to non-certificate students.

What is the monthly Program Meeting about?

Monthly program meetings are community building events at which we will explore special topics and current events in the field.

I’m not a licensed clinician, so the Certificate Program is not for me. Which of your courses can I take?

Psychedelic Integration: Premise and Promise, Understanding Ketamine, Reading and Study Groups, and our retreat programs remain open to both those who are and are not licensed clinicians.

Do you offer practicum experience or refer patients to trainees for practice cases?

Fluence does not conduct clinical operations, therefore we have no in-house practicum or supervised experience opportunities. We do not have a program of matching patients with therapists or otherwise employing therapists.

Do you offer supervision?

Supervision is a legal term denoting a situation in which a trainee works under a supervisor’s license, usually towards hours for independent licensure. We do not offer supervision. We do offer clinical consultation, which includes elements of supervision, but is intended for providers who are already independently licensed.

If I email or call you, can you tell me if I will be accepted?

No. We can only review complete applications submitted through our application form. Please click here to apply.

How many people will the program enroll?

Program capacity is determined by the number of training events we can run in a given year and the number of trainers available to provide mentoring. Our current capacity is around 40 people for each program. Once we reach that there will be a waitlist until we will expand capacity or some people complete their program, opening space for others.

Can I enroll at any time or are there cohorts starting at specific times?

You can apply and enroll at any time provided there is space in the program. Some learning component courses run only once a year, so you will need to wait for the next iteration to join them.

How will I know if there is a wait list?

You can presume there is space in the program. Once we reach capacity and expect a wait of longer than 30 days we will state as much on the application form to inform new applicants of expected wait times.