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Program Overview

Fluence is in the planning stages for the launch of a Postgraduate Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy to prepare therapists for practice as facilitators under Oregon’s Measure 109. The program will begin in 2022 for clinicians intending to qualify and begin practice in 2023. Fluence has extensive experience in training and provision of psilocybin-assisted therapy in research settings, and in training clinicians for community-based practice of integration therapy and ketamine-assisted therapy. Our program will be for licensed psychotherapists and will draw on the therapist’s existing theoretical orientation and clinical approach. Fluence draws on a wealth of experience and resources to create this program with a new focus on community-based psilocybin therapy practice, and we look forward to serving the community with a top-quality training program.

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Detailed information

Our Program will include:

  • Faculty of leading researchers and experienced clinician-trainers;
  • Theoretically grounded and research based methodology;
  • Small group meetings and discussions;
  • Supportive, collegial, professional learning environment;
  • Live in-person and live-online components;
  • Individualized feedback from trainers and peers;
  • A modular format for ease of scheduling;
  • Online classrooms with resources, schedules, and opportunities for collaboration;
  • Self-selected elective;
  • Individual Mentoring;
  • Meeting all requirements to sit for OHA’s Psilocybin-facilitator’s Licensing Exam*;
  • Credit for prior courses with Fluence**

*Not yet finalized

**At program director’s discretion and as allowed by OHA.

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