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Program Overview

The Postgraduate Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy is for licensed therapists who reside in Oregon and wish to obtain the training and education necessary to qualify to become a psilocybin facilitator under Oregon’s Measure 109. The program is grounded in Fluence’s Harm Reduction informed approach to Psychedelic-assisted Therapy and integration work, and designed and taught by leading researcher clinicians with Psilocybin-assisted Therapy experience in clinical research settings. Fluence draws on a wealth of experience and resources to create this program with a new focus on community-based psilocybin therapy practice.

Prior to the official program launch, all details and program information on this page are preliminary; we’ll be making updates and additions as needed to conform to OHA & HECC Requirements. Thank you for your patience as we as we continue to make updates. This page was last updated 7/27 /2022

Detailed information

Program Structure

The program includes 120 hours of instruction in mixed in-person, online asynchronous (self-paced), and online synchronous (scheduled) formats. Participants will receive access to our online classroom with a full outline of the course and materials. Over the course of 33 weeks, participants will complete approximately 1.5 hours per week of self-paced study including readings, informational videos, and practice therapy sessions for peer and instructor feedback. Participants will choose and join a home-group of around 12 participants which will meet weekly for 30 Sessions (scheduled 1/ week) at a scheduled time with an instructor for discussion and additional instruction. Participants will also select a scheduled in-person training session to attend and complete 30 hours of live training over the course of 5 days. In-person sessions will be scheduled at least twice a year. The timing of these are independent from one another, but both must be completed prior to graduation.

After completing the 120-hour program, participants will be eligible for a 40-hour practicum experience. Details to follow. 

Details about home-groups: The first home-groups are expected to start in October 2022. All groups will meet for 90-minute weekly sessions and skip the weeks of the corresponding in-person training, Christmas, New Year’s, and the last two weeks of August. Some groups may skip other weeks if the day of the meeting falls on a holiday (such as Thursday groups skip Thanksgiving). Home-group availability will be designed for convenience of participants in Oregon and will include weekday mornings and evenings. Home-groups will be posted approximately 90 days in advance of their start dates, and will start on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Detailed information

Our Program will include:

  • Faculty of leading researchers and clinician-trainers with prior experience in psychedelic clinical trials;
  • Theoretically grounded and research based methodology for practice;
  • Small group meetings and discussions;
  • Supportive, collegial, professional learning environment;
  • Live in-person and live-online components;
  • Individualized feedback from trainers and peers;
  • Online classrooms with resources, schedules, and opportunities for collaboration;
  • Meeting all requirements to sit for OHA’s Psilocybin-facilitator’s Licensing Exam*;

*Not yet finalized



Program Director

Elizabeth Nielson, PhD

Program Teaching Faculty

The following program faculty are confirmed as of 5/6/2022. Additional teaching faculty will be added as we progress:

  • Ingmar Gorman, PhD
  • Xiaojue Hu, MD
  • Victor Cabral, MSW
  • Jeffrey Guss, MD
  • Alan K Davis, PhD
  • Kelan Thomas, Pharm D
  • Lisa Wang, MD
  • Brian Pilecki, PhD
  • Johan Eriksson

See full program faculty profiles on our “About Us” page.

Application and Enrollment Process

Program applicants will submit a program application. Applications will be reviewed within 30 days. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be offered an interview with 2 Fluence staff members and/or trainers. Applicants will be notified of the program’s admission decision within 2 weeks of the interview. Any admission decision made prior to program launch will be provisional and are not considered final until program launch. If accepted, applicants are asked to select a home-group from the currently available offerings within 30 days. Applicants are also asked to attend the first scheduled in-person training after their home-group starts. In the event a participant cannot attend the first scheduled in-person training after their home-group starts they may attend the second.


Fluence has received OHA Curriculum approval.

We are in the process of applying for HECC approval. Fluence will not admit any participants or accept any program fees prior HECC approval of this program.


Tuition and Fees

The program tuition includes the online course portal, discussion board, 45 hours of asynchronous (self-paced) materials, 45 hours of synchronous online learning with a home group (30 90-minute sessions), 30-hour live in-person intensive training session and either one of two practicum options. The tuition does not include any travel and lodging fees for the in-person program(s). 

Trainees may choose to enroll in the program and elect to participate in our Experiential Practice Retreat as their practicum experience. In the future, trainees may elect to complete a practicum working alongside a practicing licensed Facilitator. Practicum opportunities alongside licensed facilitators are not expected to be available until 2023. 

Tuition will be based on this election:

  Program with experiential retreat for practicum:   $9,550
  Program with practicum working with a licensed facilitator:   TBD

All 2022 program participants will pay the tuition for the Program with Experiential Retreat as practicum opportunities alongside licensed facilitators are not expected to be available until mid 2023. 

Tuition may be paid in full at enrollment or in 12-month installments.

A limited number of partial scholarships are available from our Diversity Fund. 

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