Fluence Diversity Fund

At Fluence, we acknowledge the need for inclusiveness and diverse representation in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. As we move toward availability of psychedelics in medical and therapeutic settings, the need for mental health professionals trained in psychedelic harm reduction, psychedelic integration, and psychedelic-assisted therapy becomes only more important. To meet this need in a way that truly benefits all people we as a field must train and foster the development of a diverse group of professionals who can meet the needs of diverse communities, such that psychedelic-assisted therapy and support for people who have engaged with psychedelics is available to all. For more information please see our Mission Statement and our Diversity and Inclusion policy.

To this end, Fluence has established a Diversity Fund through a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Access Mindfulness, a 501c3 devoted to diversity in education in contemplative practices. Through our agreement with Access Mindfulness, contributions to the Fluence Diversity Fund are tax deductible. We are also thankful for the guidance we received from our friends at Chacruna in the establishment of this fund.

Contributions to the fund will be used for direct scholarship support for individuals from diverse backgrounds and those who will enhance availability of professionals trained in this area to diverse communities.  Funds can be used to support individuals who represent or will increase access to services among persons of diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to by virtue of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, class, national origin, economic background, disability status, and other categories.  Funds can also be used for program development, consultation, compensation of guest speakers, and other activities that directly relate to the fund’s mission.

To donate to the diversity fund, click the “donate” button below and choose the amount you wish to give. We also welcome in-kind donations of specific goods and services which will specifically support this effort, such as:

  • Catering (NYC area)
  • Graphic Design
  • Grant writing
  • Copywriting
  • Event Planning and production
  • Fundraising

To make an in-kind donation or discuss giving in other ways, please email info@fluencetraining.com.