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Psychedelic Integration Clinical Consultation Group | Online

A 12-week clinical consultation group for therapists and healthcare providers practicing psychedelic integration.


Dr. Jeffrey Guss


$1,200 for 12 sessions
$65 ticket with CE

Course Description

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Prepare to understand the motivation of patients to seek out and participate in psychedelic experiences that are not based in fear and caution only.
  • Describe and acknowledge personal therapist reactions to patients who seek psychedelic experiences and want to discuss them in therapy sessions
  • Compare psychedelic experiences that are t
  • Plan for the shift in focus in sessions from transference focus to a relationship with psychedelic medicines that may be idealized
  • Revise therapist expectations of change and transformation to include a new, powerful “other” that has suddenly emerged in the therapy relationship
  • Prepare for a shift in language, meaning, and self-concept that may accompany experiences with psychedelic healing
  • Apply the therapist’s usual method of working with dreams and fantasies to reports received of experiences during psychedelic sessions
  • Prepare for emotional responses (countertransference) to patient reports based on the therapist’s own relationship to psychedelic therapy or experience
  • Plan to expand understanding of clinical events to include psychedelic material as part of the ongoing treatment process, rather than as something foreign or intrusive
  • Assess the shift in self/other representations, relational configurations, and identifications that may follow psychedelic work, especially if such changes are abrupt and seem sudden
  • Predict changes in relationships if the patient becomes a regular member of a psychedelic healing group, church, or community
  • Apply self-analysis to understand the patient’s reports in a way that allows for expansion of understanding of clinical material, rather than needing to fit it into the therapist’s existing narrative of clinical process
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