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Foundations of Psychedelic Therapy | Spring 2023

A Reading & Study Group focusing on various psychological concepts central to psychedelic therapy.


Dominique Morisano, CPsych


Live / Online


$1,200 Includes 15 hours of CE credits | Fluence is approved by APA and NYSED to offer CE for Psychologists, Social Workers, and LMHCs

Course Description

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe and clinically recognize the emergence of increased interpersonal ”connectedness” as a central component of improvement from depressive disorders seen with psychedelic therapy
  • Use the direct subjective experiences reported by participants in psychedelic therapy to work with substance use
  • List the ways that psychedelic therapy helped individuals with cancer related anxiety regain meaning in their lives and recover from existential distress caused by their cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Describe the components of psychological rigidity and psychological flexibility and list the ways that psilocybin therapy facilitates improvement in anxiety and depressive disorders
  • Explain the phenomena that occur during placebo psychedelic experiences and discuss the implications of these findings in terms of user expectation in psychedelic experiences.
  • Critique the concept of creativity and microdosing of psychedelic medicines and describe how these medicines may be used to enhance creativity in the future.
  • Analyze a recent research study on psychedelic and creativity to explain the historic anecdotal reports of enhanced creativity through use of psychedelic experiences.
  • More TBA


  • Registration includes access to our online classroom, course handouts, and private course discussion board. All attendees may opt to be added to our professional community email list of about 1,000 professionals who have completed this (or similar) courses with us.
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