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Poetry, Symbols, and Story in Psychedelic Therapy | Spring 2023

Tap into the poetic. A 12-week experiential course for those interested in the use of poetry therapy in psychedelic therapy with individuals and groups.


Jayne Gumpel, LCSW
Julia King Olivier, MD


Live / Online


$1,200 Includes 15 hours of APA CE and NYSED CE for Psychologists, LMHC, and Social Workers

Course Description

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • List the common motivations for which patients seek Psychedelic Integration Therapy
  • Describe the RES (receptive; expressive; symbolic) model of poetry therapy and its application to integration therapy
  • Identify poems and lyrics that relate directly to the process of integrating N.O.S.C. (non-ordinary states of consciousness)
  • Identify the role poetry, symbols and story have in integration therapy
  • List the essential components for providing poetry therapy as a clinician, (pacing, facilitating, using one’s voice, body and silence to cultivate awareness and insights)
  • Demonstrate the foundations of the integration process and
  • Discuss the common challenges made by clinicians
  • Explain the therapeutic capacities of language arts, individually and as an adjunct to traditional therapies
  • Explain shifts in language, meaning, and self-concept that may accompany experiences with use of psychedelics
  • Articulate how poetry, symbols and story can support the integration of N.O.S.C. by supporting the meaning making of the experience
  • Demonstrate the use of non-drug self-transformation efforts (ie. meditation, creative writing, journaling, etc.) as part of Psychedelic Integration Therapy
  • Design interventions for diverse populations, including LGBTQ people, to support therapeutic processes
  • Discuss the role poetry, symbols and story and lyrics have in promoting gender sensitive practices and social justice
  • Identify the role poetry and creativity can have in working with healing trauma


  • Registration includes access to our online classroom, course handouts, and private course discussion board. All attendees may opt to be added to our professional community email list of about 1,000 professionals who have completed this (or similar) courses with us.
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