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Psilocybin Therapy and Mental Health Care in Oregon: What is Happening and Where do we Need to Go From Here?

This webinar will explore the considerations and implications of psilocybin outside of a clinical context in regard to Oregon's lesgislation

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Event details

Online Webinar: Psilocybin Therapy and Mental Health Care in Oregon: What is Happening and Where do we Need to go From Here?

A Friday Lunchtime Panel Discussion


Friday, May 28th, 2021

12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern Daylight Time

**Recording available 30 days after the event



Presented by:

Portland Psychotherapy & Fluence

Moderator: Brian Pilecki, PhD, of Portland Psychotherapy.

Panelists: Ingmar Gorman, Co-Founder of Fluence, PhD, Alan Davis, PhD, Kelly Sykes, PhD, Aja Molinar, MA and Sam Chapman, campaign manager for Measure 109 in Oregon.

Program Description

Oregon voters have recently approved a measure that will pave the way for the legal administration of psilocybin by state credentialed providers to begin in 2023. This groundbreaking development places therapists in the unique position of potentially being some of the first to have an avenue to legally integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into their practices. While psychedelic-assisted therapy research studies results are promising and an FDA Approval of a psychedelic for psychological treatment may occur in the next few years, the Oregon psilocybin initiative represents a unique pathway to public access. Where does the psychotherapist sit in this conversation? In this panel discussion, leading advocates, psychedelic therapy researchers, and psychedelic therapist training providers will elaborate on the implications during a moderated panel discussion and answer audience questions. Presenters will give an update on the status of the Oregon psilocybin initiative, particularly as it relates to the training of facilitators, and will describe ways local therapists can get training in the practice of psilocybin-assisted therapy.