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Psychedelic Integration Clinical Consultation Group, Fall 2021 | Online

A 12-week clinical consultation group with Jayne Gumpel and David Gumpel, starting September 15th, 2021


Jayne Gumpel, LCSW
David Gumpel, MA


Live / Online


$1,200 for 12-sessions
$1,265 ticket with CE

Course Description

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Assess and reflect on the motivations for which patients seek Psychedelic Integration Therapy
  • Assess and verbalize the complex motivations of patients to seek out and use psychedelics
  • Rate the variety of subjective experiences and emotions patients report with psychedelics with nonjudgmental curiosity
  • Describe and acknowledge therapist reactions to patients who are seeking psychedelic experiences
  • Rate in equal esteem psychedelic experiences that are thoughtful and growth oriented and ones that are recreational, spontaneous, or dissociative
  • Assess and articulate how psychedelics can amplify transference
  • Assess and articulate how transferences to psychedelics can become fused with therapist transferences
  • Prepare for shifts in language, meaning, and self-concept that may accompany experiences with psychedelics
  • Explain openly (in appropriate settings) about emotional responses (countertransference) to patient reports as they relate to the therapist’s own relationship to psychedelic therapy
  • Describe states of psychic disruption that suggest a need for more intensive treatment
  • Describe extended support services for the patient, including family or community resources
  • Plan the guidance and support of non-drug self-transformation efforts as part of Psychedelic Integration Therapy
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