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Psychedelic Integration: Experiential Training Retreat for Clinicians | Stony Point, NY 2022

A contemplative practice retreat for clinician to experience the therapeutic use and integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Dr. Elizabeth Nielson
Leah Gooch, Ed.M, 500RYT
David Gumpel, MA



$950 Program Fee
$1,970 Program with Single Occupancy Room
$1,670 Program with Double Occupancy room
$720 Double occupancy room

Course Description

Learning Objectives

This program includes 20 hours of CE credits. Fluence is approved by APA and NYSED to offer CE for Psychologists, Social Workers, and LMHCs. Click "Learn More" below for CE approval information.

  • Explain 3 ways mindfulness-based and other non-drug non-ordinary state of consciousness (NOSC) practices can be of assistance to client/patients in preparation for psychedelic experiences.
  • Describe one way that harm reduction techniques for preparing “set” with a client/patient can be individualized to each client/patient’s unique background and risk factors.
  • Describe harm reduction techniques for preparing “setting” that best support the client/patient’s desired outcome of psychedelic or other NOSC experience.
  • Describe the relationship between community guidelines, ethics codes, and/or regulations and the set and setting in which a psychedelic or other NOSC experience takes place.
  • Provide examples of the ways community guidelines, ethics codes and/or regulations directly impact the set and setting in which a psychedelic and other NOSC experience takes place.
  • Describe three aspects of Noble Listening useful in Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration.
  • Lead a brief mindfulness based intervention as a means of beginning or transitioning psychotherapy settings.
  • Explain the use of reflection to communicate understanding and encouragement to continue discussing NOSC experiences.
  • Explain the practice of Inquiry with regards to NOSC Experience.
  • Facilitate present moment exploration through asking “open” questions during Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration sessions.
  • Demonstrate a Personal Values Card Sort with a client/patient in the context of Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration or Psychedelic-assisted Therapy.
  • Describe consent process for the use of touch, in the context of psychedelic-assisted therapy, with clients/patients.
  • Explain the use of non-verbal communication tools as a way of demonstrating understanding and finding meaning.
  • Describe the “State to Trait” model and related mindfulness research as it pertains to integration of psychedelic experiences.
  • Demonstrate the use of the 5 senses in explorations of NOSC experiences with clients/patients.
  • Explain the role of therapist/facilitator’s personal NOSC practice in informing clinical practice.


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  • Course handouts
  • Private course discussion board
  • Community email list of 900+ professionals who have completed our courses
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