Retreat Training Programs

Program Description

Our retreat programs offer the opportunity for study and experiential learning with a spacious schedule and plenty of time for self-care and community building through meals and activities together. We welcome you to join us at one of our retreat programs.

Retreat programs take place at Menla, a beautiful retreat center affiliated with Tibet House US, in the Catskill Mountains of New York. We welcome you to this special center of education and contemplative practice with hiking trails, a full service spa, and comfortable accommodations. Surrounded by a fantastic collection of artwork and welcomed by the retreat center staff, we're sure your training experience will be very special.

We currently offer two kinds of programs at Menla:

Psychedelic Integration: Premise and Promise (retreat version)

This 3-day retreat is designed for clinicians and healthcare providers who want to learn more about current psychedelic research and clinical practice, including how to work with patients who have a history of psychedelic use or have expressed an interest in using psychedelics. This interactive training includes experiential learning, demonstrations, self-reflection, and role-play exercises. The themes of spirituality, ethics, and critical discussion will be woven throughout the program with opportunities for connection, collaboration, and building community.

Psychedelic Integration: Experiential Training Retreat for Clinicians

This 5-day experiential retreat is designed for therapists who practice psychedelic integration or psychedelic-assisted therapy, or are training to do so. Experiential training is a component of training in which therapists experience the transformative process of the given modality themselves, and apply their insights to their own lives and to their professional work with others. Experiential training is a key training experience for therapists who wish to engage with clients who have used psychedelics or facilitate psychedelic experiences. At this retreat, contemplative practices will be used to practice accessing and integrating non-ordinary states of consciousness in the same way one would approach psychedelic experiences.