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Program Highlights

Live online 6 week core training

Over 16 hours of on-demand video content with CE

Live roleplays for case-oriented learning

Access to rich community of peer practitioners

Live Course Outline

Week 1 – Orientation

Meet your educators and peers, and get oriented with the terms and roles that we’ll be exploring in the program. Learn to differentiate between Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI), and identify and compare roles of investigators, therapists, facilitators, shamans, and sitters.

Week 2 – Core Clinical Concepts

Learn core concepts in psychedelic therapy and integration, including therapeutic alliance, inner-directed approach, trauma-informed care, and harm reduction principles. Plus explore the concepts of intoxication and dissociation in the context of psychedelics.

Week 3 – Preparation

Explore key aspects of preparation in psychedelic therapy and integration, including screening and assessment, establishing support systems, consent to touch, psychoeducation, expectation and intentions, and more.

Week 4 – Assisting Psychedelic Experiences

Dive into the essentials of assisting psychedelic experiences through roleplays and case studies, and examine psychedelic-assisted as its own practice. Learn to apply mindfulness for self- and client-care, deal with traumatic or repressed memories, navigate challenging vs positive experiences, transference and countertransference, and explore the role of music.

Week 5 – Integration

Understand the crucial importance of psychedelic integration, explore its nuances as a non-linear process and get practical tips for the timing of sessions. Plus explore key integration concepts like spiritual emergence vs emergency, remembering and forgetting, post-traumatic growth, state to trait changes, family systems, spiritual bypassing, and more.

Week 6 – Closing the Circle

Bring it all together and explore next steps for your practice, including immediate applications, next steps for learning and certification with specific molecule or modalities, and navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Program Details

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Deadlines & Dates

June/July Cohort
Application Deadline: May 30, 2024 – Deadline has passed
Live Course Dates and Time: June 13th – July 25th, 2024, Thursdays, 2pm-4pm ET

August/September Cohort
Application Deadline: July 31, 2024
Live Course Dates and Time: August 7th – September 11th, 2024, Wednesdays, 2pm-4pm ET

September/October Cohort
Application Deadline: September 18, 2024
Live Course Dates and Time: September 25th – October 30th, 2024, Wednesdays, 12pm-2pm ET

October/November Cohort
Live Course Dates and Time: Week of Oct 21 – November 25 – TBC

Additional cohorts may be added through the year. If you are interested in the program but not available for the existing cohorts, please submit and application and we will be in communication with you about additional available dates for the live course portion of the program.

Program Cost

Program Fee: $2500 USD one time payment. Or pay in three equal monthly installments of $875.

The Program Fee covers your enrollment in the Certificate Program, access to our online classroom for the 6 week live course and discussion board, and the following on-demand courses:

Psychedelic Integration: Premise & Promise
Introduction to Trauma-Informed Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
Ethics and Equity
Intoxication and Dissociation
Applied Mindfulness for Psychedelic Therapists

Admissions Requirements

Candidates for the PTI program must meet all the following criteria:

  • Hold an active medical or clinical license or be on track to obtain licensure through an advanced degree program or post-graduate professional experience.
  • Have prior training and counselling experience practicing psychotherapy or related health care services in the field of mental health or addiction treatment.

Additionally, candidates are expected to have the capacity to participate online in a group learning process.

These qualifications outline the minimum requirements for the program. The Admissions Committee will consider years of experience, education, and capabilities. Although it is not a requirement  for students to complete Fluence’s introductory workshop Psychedelic Integration: Premise and Promise, it is recommended that applicants take this course prior to enrollment in the certificate program. All students who enroll in Premise and Promise will receive a $395 tuition credit that goes towards their program fee.

Application Process

The certificate program begins with an application. The application includes basic information about the applicant, their professional background, and existing experience. It also includes opportunities for applicants to present their intentions for joining the program, their values, goals, and aspirations. Applications are submitted online with a $100 application fee. The application fee covers review of the application and is non-refundable. The application will be reviewed by the Program Director, Dr. Alex Camargo.

The Program Director will review and come to a decision on the approval and admission of the applicant within 1 week of receipt. Additional Fluence training team members may be consulted for input during this process, and any team members’ existing relationship with the applicant may be taken into consideration. Once a decision has been reached the program administrator will provide the applicant with an acceptance, deferral, or refusal letter.

Watch a live Q&A about the new program

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for licensed or pre-licensed clinicians and health care practitioners who are interested in learning the fundamentals of psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration to apply in their existing scope of practice. This might include psychiatrists, psychololgists, psychotherapists, physicians, or nurse practitioners. The program is not currently accepting applications from the general public or students, unless they are close to completing a professional degree and have experience practicing psychotherapy in a clinical setting. Please the program admissions requirements for more information.

This certificate represents the first step on Fluence’s certification path in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Integration. First and foremost, it provides what we believe is the best possible education in core fundamentals of psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration, and is an ideal place for clinicians and health care practitioners to get solid footing and complement their existing scope of practice. It has been designed after many years of delivering psychedelic education and training, receiving student feedback, and closely monitoring the emerging field and its regulatory changes.

We have strategically redesigned all of our programs with an eye to improving accessibility, maintaining affordability, and without compromising on the rigour and depth of education delivered. A number of our students elect to practice in numerous modalities, including PHRI and KAP, and wish to be prepared for the rollout of additional forms of psychedelic-therapy as the regulatory landscape shifts. This Certificate has been designed so that clinicians can acquire the knowledge and skills that we believe are common to all of these modalities, and then elect to specialize in other areas, without having to start over from scratch with additional, year-long programs at substantial cost. Students will be required to complete this program in order to complete our advanced modules in KAP, PHRI and the MDMA Education Program.

Finally, as with all our certificate programs previously, this program is not a license or authorization to practice psychedelic-assisted therapy outside of current legal avenues or a student’s existing scope of practice. Students can rest assured that our programs are designed with these protections in mind, and are advised to approach other trainings that do not outline these limitations with caution.

The new certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration is different from the PHRI certificate in a number of ways:

  • This program is considerably shorter in duration and more affordable. Whereas the PHRI certificate may have taken a year of more to complete, this program is intended to be completed primarily over the course of 6 weeks, with possible additional time for completing self-paced materials.
  • Whereas the PHRI certificate focused exclusively on how to apply harm reduction and integration in clinical practice, and mostly excluded education in psychedelic-assisted therapy, this certificate is meant to serve as a foundation for those looking gain education and training in both modalities. In short, it is a primer for continuing onto specialization in various forms of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

This certificate will not be replacing the PHRI program, however a number of foundational principles from that program have been built into this one, albeit it a truncated manner. Those looking to get more in-depth training in Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration will still be available to continue onto an advanced certificate in PHRI, but will be required to start with the core PTI certificate first. If you are interest in both certificates please contact us so we can accommodate you in the best possible manner.

Yes, Fluence will be awarding a limited number of partial scholarships for this program in each cohort. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship please see the Diversity Program Scholarship page and contact us.

If you have completed or are currently enrolled in a Certificate Program at Fluence, this program may still be of interest to you if you wish to pursue further education and training with Fluence, including our forthcoming MDMA education program, and advanced certificates in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration. Existing and graduated Certificate Program students can access the new PTI certificate at no additional cost—however we have a limited number of spots available in each cohort, so please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Ready to Apply? Click the button below to start the process. Or contact us if you have more questions and want to speak with someone.

I have been practicing Ketamine assisted Psychotherapy for the last six months and I felt good, and competent in the work I was doing. I am so glad that I took the Psychedelic Therapy and Integration Course as I see how much I have grown and learned in the last six weeks. I have not only learned a lot about psylocybin and MDMA but I learned so much about taking a harm reduction approach in addition to letting the client lead the way in integration and learning that things will gradually unfold for them.

Marnie Waxman
Fluence Student

I found the training helpful and expanded my knowledge in psychedelic assisted therapy, harm reduction and mindfulness. The course was easy to navigate and useful in the work I am doing.

Lisa Graff-Marsh
Fluence Student

This has been one of the most through, informative and applicable CE courses I have taken. I will be able to use much of what I have learned here and apply it immediately to my clinical practice. I am so grateful that Fluence has developed a program that is applicable to practicing clinicians and does not require such a long time commitment. Now I can continue to chose the areas I want to focus on with a strong foundation of knowledge within the psychedelic space. Thank you for listening to clinicians in the field.

Amy Robbins
Fluence Student

The Core PTI program is an intensive short-term course covering every essential aspect of working effectively, ethically and sensitively in this emerging healthcare arena. The faculty are experts and excellent at conveying their knowledge respectfully.

Mark Mellinger
Fluence Student

Fluence has been my first go-to hub for education on the important, burgeoning, field of psychedelic assisted therapy and integration. The value of the information I’ve gained from learning with Fluence is immeasurable.

Tsoghig Marieann Hekimian
Fluence Student

The faculty make this training one of a kind. Not only do they have the first-hand experience in clinical trials, they are passionate about educating and sharing their unique insights with others.

Nick Fonarev
Fluence Student

I couldn’t have asked for a better introductory learning experience from Alex, our course educator, from Sabrina, my home group leader, from Naomi, who personally, professionally and efficiently responded to any questions that I had, to the methods and scope of material presented, to welcome some of you into having a wonderful experience as I have into this exciting, continually unfolding world of psychedelic medicine.

Robert Seiler
Fluence Student