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See below for a list of frequently asked questions about our Certificate Programs, or contact us to get connected with one of our advisors, who can answer your questions directly and help you get started with an application.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not provide academic credit.

All courses are available online except for the Psychedelic Integration Experiential Practice Retreat and Trauma-informed Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. Our KAP certificate program also includes an observational practicum, which is in-person (whether locally or with one of Fluence’s Practicum Leaders).

For Postgraduate Certificates (KAP and PHRI): Yes, participants are expected to be independently licensed and able to practice psychotherapy within their scope of practice. Fluence will not review everyone’s scope of practice in their particular jurisdiction. If you are applying we are asking you to inform us of your license. You are responsible for determining that you are practicing within your scope of practice.

For the Psilocybin-assisted Therapy Certificate: No, however program participants are required to have prior training and experience practicing psychotherapy or related health care services in the field of mental health or addiction treatment. Participants may be currently or formerly licensed (retired) psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, or other similar professions.

Yes. Students must apply through our Diversity Fund. Awarded scholarships will be applied to tuition expenses and will not cover travel or lodging for our in person programs. Scholarship requests must be submitted and processed before program enrollment, we do not process scholarship requests retroactively.

Yes, Certificate Program tuition can be paid in 12 monthly installments. Our Reading and Study Groups and Clinical Consultation Groups can also be paid over a 3-month period. We do not offer payment plans for our introductory workshops.

For the Postgraduate Certificates (KAP and PHRI), most of the courses you take for the certificate program are open to non-certificate students. The Psilocybin program includes Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy: Parts 1 & 2, which are only for program participants.

Certificate program capacity is determined by the number of classes and training events we can run in a given year and the number of trainers available to provide them. Regardless of the total enrollment in a certificate program, class sizes for most weekly classes is capped at 12 participants.

Upcoming cohorts are available until marked full. We do not maintain waitlists of more than 1-2 people for each cohort, but rather encourage students  to pick a cohort with seats available. You will be advised of the status of your requested cohort at the time of your interview.

No. This program is entirely independent of any academic institution.

Monthly program meetings are community building events at which we will explore special topics and current events in the field.

Fluence does not conduct clinical operations, but we occasionally receive requests for therapists that we can pass on to trainees or graduates. Students may also accept referrals from the community email list in alignment with their scope of practice and competency.

No. We can only review complete applications submitted through our application form.

You can apply at any time. You will be enrolled in a cohort of students, where you will take a specific set of classes together. Application deadlines and expected start/end dates can be found on our certificate program pages.

Yes, You may take any other Fluence courses that are not part of this program and you will receive a 15% discount on the listed price for 3 years after your enrollment date. Check with program administration for enrollment procedures.

Yes Fluence is able to provide a limited amount of partial scholarships for many of our offerings through our Diversity Fund. Scholarships funds are prioritized for practicing mental health professionals in regards to diversity considerations, financial need, professional background and experience. Please follow the instructions to apply on our scholarship application here.

Psychedelics are not administered at our in-person retreats or other events, nor do we require students to have personal psychedelic experience. Our trainings use a variety of contemplative practices for experiential learning.