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Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy & Integration

Fluence is the leading continuing education organization in the emerging field of psychedelic therapy. Founded by clinicians with deep expertise in psychedelic research, we offer professional training and workshops for licensed mental health practitioners.

Fluence also trains and collaborates with prominent organizations in the field. Learn about our partnerships.

Beckley Psytech
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) & MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MPBC)
Clairvoyant Therapeutics
Journey Clinical

Get Fluence Certified in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration

Join our 6 week core Certificate Program and learn the fundamentals of psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration. The first step in Fluence’s certification path.

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  • Clinician-founded, clinician-led
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Our Story

We are researchers and psychotherapists with direct experience in psychedelic clinical trials. Our mission is to educate the broader health care community about psychedelic science and equip practitioners with relevant clinical skills. We aim to increase access to this field by offering highly interactive training delivered online and in-person.

Start with an on-demand course

Psychedelic Integration: Premise & Promise

Fluence’s foundational workshop on psychedelic harm reduction and integration is a great place to start—whether you’re just talking to clients about psychedelics, or are looking to get into offering psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Introduction to Ketamine

Introduction to Ketamine is a set of on-demand courses that introduces students to the therapeutic application of ketamine, including mechanisms of action, emerging indications, effects, risks, and orientation for getting started with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Introduction to Psilocybin Therapy

Explore the fundamentals of psilocybin clinical research, pharmacology, therapeutic models, and more. This on-demand course is an ideal primer for getting started with psilocybin-assisted therapy.

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Meet Our Founders

Elizabeth Nielson, PhD

Chief Visionary Officer, Co-Founder and Lead Trainer

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Ingmar Gorman, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Lead Trainer

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There is a combination of medical rigor with psychotherapeutic eclecticism and depth in both instructors and trainees that is unparalleled in my experience. The mentoring choices are wonderful and they do such a careful job matching mentor and mentee appropriately. I have been to several other types of psychedelic trainings; have researched many; I’d use them preferentially in a heartbeat.

Charis Cladouhos, MD
Fluence Student

I really appreciate Fluence. The trainings and coursework, the literature shared, the community, self-development and insightful explorations have strengthened me as a professional and given such a sense of competence in this evolving space.

Amy Johnson, LCSW-C
Certificate Program Alumni

Eye-opening and transformative: The program in whole is well formulated and rich with educational material and resources for developing skills and competency. Additionally, the introduction into the community of providers of alternative states therapies has helped me identify biases I previously held, as well as extinguish concerns around the practice in general, thus, leading to positive motivation and empowerment to be a more proficient practitioner from a foundation of positive social change.

Daniel Emmett, LPC
Certificate Program Alumni

KAP training through Fluence was extremely comprehensive, easy to follow, and full of material that will help transform my practice and enable me to safely and effectively implement KAP into my work. I am extremely excited to put the material learned throughout this course into action.

Jaclyn Bsales, LCSW
Journey Clinical Member & Fluence Student

I believe this institution’s work is of utmost importance to the field: serious training paired with integral, formative content. Fluence’s goals and values are at the core of their programs, as they deliver the tools we need to help us become better professionals, and people, all around.

Daniela Balsa
Fluence Student

Through Fluence I am exposed to a wealth of knowledge on ketamine treatment: from in-depth reviews of the history and research, to detailed explanations of the effects of ketamine on the brain, to the fleshing out of the different available treatment models, to role-playing and discussing the three phases of treatment, to group supervision on individual cases, and discussions on the use of poetry and other experiential tools. The community is vibrant, diverse and supportive. I feel that it is a place where I can continue to grow my skill set and enhance my offering to clients.

Anat Ben-Zvi, PhD
Fluence Student

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