Fluence offers continuing education and certificate programs in psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our programs are designed for licensed professionals and advanced graduate students who have an opportunity to work with patient populations. Although none of our courses have specific prerequisites, a basic working knowledge of the mental health field and practice of psychotherapy is helpful. Our programs are interactive; we engage in discussion, demonstration, self-reflection exercises, and role plays. Some of our classes and programs are reserved for licensed clinicians, but many are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Leadership Team

Chief Visionary Officer, Co-Founder and Lead Trainer

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Lead Trainer

Dr. Ingmar Gorman

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Kuntz

Lead Trainers and Program Staff

Assistant Trainers

Assistant Trainers are community role models in their practice of psychedelic integration therapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Having attended Fluence trainings and incorporated the material of into their professional lives, they are present on a regular basis at our workshops to provide assistance with breakout groups, give feedback on role plays, lead contemplative practices or small bits of programming, participate in demonstrations, contribute ideas and experiences, and provide an example of how this workshop might facilitate the development of a new part of someone’s career.

About Fluence

Fluence offers training and education independently and in collaboration with a variety of clinics, conferences, private practices, non-profit associations, retreat centers, and psychedelic research sponsors.

FAQs About our Program

Do you give people psychedelics at your training so they can learn what the experience is like?

No. Our trainings do not include any administration of any psychedelic compounds. While we recognize that such experiences can be a valuable part of training for some professionals in certain situations, we believe they are neither necessary nor sufficient, and value a more general familiarity with alternative states of consciousness.

What if I want an opportunity to try the psychedelics we are learning about?

Depending on the compound there may be a legal avenue to do so either by participating in a research trial, receiving treatment (as a patient) with a currently available psychedelic (e.g. ketamine), or traveling abroad.

Can I use the continuing education credit for my license in my state?

Some of our programs offer the option to purchase APA CE and/or CME certificate. You will need to check with your licensing board in your state to see if those credits are acceptable for your purposes.

Do you offer academic credit?


Do you have a scholarship fund or sliding scale?

Our intention is to keep our fees affordable for working mental health professionals. At most of our programs we reserve select number of spaces for a discounted rate for applicants whose presence would benefit the community for whom our fee would be a hardship. We prioritize providing scholarships to participants whose participation will enhance diversity among clinicians educated in this modality and/or the populations to which it is available. Applications will be accepted and scholarships awarded on a rolling basis, so please apply early. Where available, you will find a link to the application for a scholarship spot on the page for each training. Please note scholarships only apply to training fees and do not cover transportation, lodging, and meals.

Can you provide a training in my city or at my organization?

We work with a variety of community partners to bring our trainings to their hometowns. Our programs can be open to the public or private for the members of your organization, and tailored to suit your community’s needs. If you would like to collaborate on holding a training locally, please email us and we’ll start the conversation.

Do you offer psychotherapy?

Fluence does not provide any clinical services. If you are seeking a therapist who is trained in this area, please contact the Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program or search the therapist listings at psychedelic.support.

Where can I learn about your policies?

To learn more about our cancellation policy, attendance policy, CE policy, contact and communication policy, as well as our disclaimer and waiver, please see our policy page.