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Psilocybin has demonstrated potential to benefit patients with a variety of conditions when administered with professional guidance and in safe, secure surroundings. Fluence is founded on and teaches principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration (PHRI), a model applicable to working with people who take psychedelics in any setting and for any reason. The PHRI model combines principles of harm reduction, mindfulness-based therapies, relational analytic therapy, and best practices of psychedelic-assisted therapy research. The Psilocybin Facilitator’s role set forth in regulations of Oregon’s Measure 109 takes a harm reduction approach and is aligned with many psilocybin-assisted therapy research protocols in requiring Facilitators to adopt a neutral, supportive, and non-directive approach during psilocybin sessions. The Facilitator’s role is therefore aligned with the PHRI model, and the later is the guiding theme of the Fluence Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy.

General Principles

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy:

  • is grounded in the therapist’s existing clinical training, experience, and practice; 
  • assumes all the clinical, ethical, legal covenants that are attendant to the therapist’s scope of practice;  
  • sees the patient in a comprehensive way, including the medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social conditions in which the psilocybin work is situated;  
  • is patient-centered, respecting the patient’s autonomy, rights, and personal liberty with regards to their decisions regarding psilocybin treatment;   
  • is respectful of wisdom traditions and other care modalities that may lie outside the therapist’s experience or practice;
  • is collaborative with medical and mental health providers, somatic health practitioners, alternative healing practitioners, and spiritually oriented healers;
  • is offered in alignment with the provider’s professional ethics and in a spirit of inclusion, non-violence, affordability, non-discrimination, and transparency;
  • is fully compliant with Oregon’s Psilocybin Facilitator’s Code of Conduct.