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Program Highlights

Live online 6 day intensive training

Over 20 hours of on-demand video content

Real case demonstration videos

Access to rich community of peer practitioners

Course Outline

Our immersion course consists of live presentations, video case presentations, enriching discussions, scenario-based learning, self-reflection, small group, dyad activities, online coursework, and creative projects. The live education component is led by educators who have worked on our MDMA-assisted therapy clinical trials and provides a container for discussion, in-depth inquiry, experiential learning, and personal growth.  

By the end of this course, attendees will be able to:  

  1. Understand the fundamental processes and concepts underlying investigational MDMA-assisted therapy   
  2. Consider the role of identity and culture in therapeutic alliance and trauma processing  
  3. Translate the concepts of inner healing intelligence and inner-directed therapeutic approach to their work with clients  
  4. Strengthen the therapeutic alliance with clients  
  5. Engage in personal growth practices that enable grounding, self-care, and sustainability  
  6. Engage with a growing network of MDMA-assisted therapy informed professionals through continuing educational opportunities, community building, and opportunities for scientific discussion 

Please note this is not a certification course to deliver MDMA-assisted therapy. There are currently no certification standards for any psychedelic-assisted therapy given the investigational status of this modality, which has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any regulatory authority. There are no guarantees about the approval of a New Drug Application for MDMA-assisted therapy to the FDA or the specific certification requirements for healthcare providers should this be approved. Given the uncertainty of the regulatory process and timeline, there may be a significant delay and no guarantee of opportunities to practice MDMA-assisted therapy in clinical practice.

Program Details

Expand the items below to review further details about the program.

Prerequisite Program

Please note that applicants who wish to take the MDMA Education Program with Fluence must also complete the Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration (PTI), a 6-week foundational program that is intended as a primer for all advanced Fluence modules, including the MDMA program.

Deadlines & Dates

No current cohorts planned for 2024. Contact us to get notified of future offerings related to MDMA.

Program Cost

Program Fee: $5500 USD one time payment. Or pay in three equal monthly installments of $1925.

Please note this program fee includes the cost of the PTI program ($2500 USD). Applicants for the MDMA program who have already enrolled in the PTI program will pay a fee of $3000 USD for the MDMA module.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates for the MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program must meet all the following eligibility criteria:

  • Hold an active medical or clinical license or are on track to obtain licensure through an advanced degree program or post-graduate professional experience
  • Completed or enrolled in specialty training in mental health OR demonstrate a minimum of 1,000 hours of experience providing behavioral health services
  • Must live and work in the US and US territories

These qualifications outline the minimum requirements for the program. The Admissions Committee will consider the years of experience, education, and capabilities, including experience working with patients who have been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. We value a diverse range of professional, spiritual, and traditional backgrounds. Currently, the MDMA-Assisted Therapy Certificate Program prioritizes licensed applicants who practice psychotherapy. We strive to enroll compassionate and experienced trauma clinicians committed to health and well-being, their own and that of their clients and community. 

In this trauma-focused education course, attendees will be exposed to a wide range of clinical trial video footage involving participants suffering from diverse trauma forms. Some content may be challenging to view and potentially triggering. We ask prospective attendees to consider whether this course is right for them.

Application Process

The education program begins with an application. The application includes basic information about the applicant, their professional background, and existing experience. It also includes opportunities for applicants to present their intentions for joining the program, their values, goals, and aspirations. Applications are submitted online with a $100 application fee. The application fee covers review of the application and is non-refundable. The application will be reviewed by our Admission Committee.

We will review and come to a decision on the approval and admission of the applicant within 1 week of receipt. Additional Fluence training team members may be consulted for input during this process, and any team members’ existing relationship with the applicant may be taken into consideration. Once a decision has been reached the program administrator will provide the applicant with an acceptance, deferral, or refusal letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fluence has restructured its certificate programs such that everyone who wishes to take advanced modules must first complete the Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration. This is a 6-week program that establishes a foundation that we believe is essential to any clinician hoping to work in psychedelic-assisted therapy and/or harm reduction and integration. The course can be completed over a 6-week period and will be useful not only as a foundation for pursuing education in MDMA-Assisted Therapy, but also for forthcoming advanced modules in KAP and PHRI, and more to be announced.

We currently have plans to offer more cohorts in the program later this year, but there is no guarantee of this and exact dates have not been set. An announcement will be made if and when further cohorts are announced.

No. Please note this is not a certification course to practice MDMA-assisted therapy. There are no guarantees about the approval of MAPS PBC’s New Drug Application for MDMA-assisted therapy to the FDA or the specific certification requirements for healthcare providers should this be approved. Given the uncertainty of the regulatory process and timeline, there may be a significant delay and no guarantee of opportunities to practice MDMA-assisted therapy in clinical practice.

If you have previously completed education around MDMA-Assisted Therapy with MAPS, then you will likely have already covered the content presented in this program. Fluence has a collaborator agreement with MAPS PBC to deliver their content via our learning platform.

Full attendance at the live virtual weekends is required to receive credit in the program. In the event of an emergency or illness, attendees must notify and their Home Group Facilitator as soon as possible, letting them know of the emergency and which segments of live education will be missed.

If an attendee misses 3 hours or more of any portion of the live virtual event due to an emergency or illness, they are required to complete a makeup assignment. All coursework, including any makeup coursework due to missing a portion of the live event, must be completed to receive a certificate of participation. Please note that attendees that miss more than 7 hours of the live virtual event will be dismissed from the course. See below.

Attendees are not eligible for makeup coursework if they cumulatively miss more than 7 hours of the live virtual event content. Attendees who cumulatively miss more than 7 hours of the live virtual event sessions will be dismissed from the course and would need to reapply for a future education offering. No refunds or tuition credit can be offered for dismissed attendees.

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There was just a kind of warmth and intimacy that isn’t surprising given the qualities of MDMA, however didn’t expect to feel it imbued throughout the training! My home group was positively overflowing with it; a few of the participants (home group) actually felt like they were on MDMA! What also stood out was the sharing and vulnerability of the educators, who really modeled courage and safety and set the tone for the group. I learned a lot from the case presentations and videos, which allowed us to see this model in action. It really exceeded my expectations in terms of depth and comprehension, and left me so inspired and motivated to do this work. The curriculum and educators were exceptional; I learned so much and feel really equipped.

Julie Shuck
Certificate Program Alumni