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Integration Essentials, Winter 2022, Section 2 | Online

A 14-week Reading and Study Group for therapists and healthcare providers with David Gumpel and Joseph McCowan. Starting January 11, 2022


David Gumpel, MA
Joseph McCowan, PsyD


Live / Online


$1,200 for 14-sessions
$1,265 ticket with CE

Course Description

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of “unconstrained mind,” its usefulness in speaking of psychedelic states, and then discuss how cultural constructs are an essential part of psychedelic therapy being meaningful and safe
  • Describe what “set and setting,” are and explain why attention to both is crucial in understanding psychedelic experiences and psychedelic therapy
  • List the basic safety precautions that are used in academic research institutions when conducting research with psychedelic substances, describe common safety concerns that might arise during integration sessions (without medicine present) for identification and problem solving
  • Analyze the term “ego” and critique the multiple meanings that it carries, with particular attention to the concept of“ego dissolution” or “ego death” in psychedelic therapy, using existential,  neuroscience, phenomenology and psychoanalysis
  • Describe the basic principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, including the concept of “psychological flexibility”and apply this to the change process in psychedelic integration therapy
  • Use concepts that have importance in both meditation and psychotherapy as a way of organizing a narrative about change and growth in psychedelic integration therapy
  • Explain the basic components of shamanic and neoshamanic ayahuasca practices in the service of offering informed psychedelic integration therapy to individuals who have sought out these types of psychedelic experiences
  • Explain the layered meanings of the word“acceptance” as it related to psychedelic therapy and use understanding of these notions then use it to organize and frame interventions used as part of psychedelic integration therapy
  • Describe how creativity and “meaning making”are valuable concepts in conducting psychedelic therapy; plan to use these concepts to understand and foster growth in psychedelic integration therapy
  • Describe and critique recent studies on microdosing, especially as related to personality changes, creativity and mental health symptoms reported by community microdosers
  • Describe the basic theory and principles of harm reduction psychotherapy, as well as incorporate those principles into psychedelic integration therapy
  • Critique the 6 unifying theories of psychedelic effects *(three older theories, three new theories) described by Swanson, differentiating historic theories from contemporary ones, and analyzing their varying utility and relevance to psychedelic integration therapy


  • Registration includes access to our online classroom, course handouts, and private course discussion board. All attendees may opt to be added to our professional community email list of over 800 professionals who have completed this (or similar) courses with us.
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