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KAP for Couples & Groups: Clinical Consultation Group | Spring 2023

Group provides a safe, informative, and supportive place for therapists to discuss their couples and group therapy work with Ketamine.


Jayne Gumpel, LCSW


Live / Online


$1,200 Includes 15 hours of CE credits | Fluence is approved by APA and NYSED to offer CE for Psychologists, Social Workers, and LMHCs

Course Description

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Assess and reflect on the motivations for which patients seek KAP
  • Assess and verbalize the complex motivations of patients to seek out and use ketamine
  • Rate the variety of subjective experiences and emotions patients report with ketamine with nonjudgmental curiosity
  • Describe and acknowledge therapist reactions to patients who are seeking KAP
  • Rate in equal esteem ketamine experiences that are thoughtful and growth oriented and ones that are recreational, spontaneous, or dissociative
  • Assess and articulate how KAP can amplify transference
  • Assess and articulate how transferences to ketamine can become fused with therapist transferences
  • Prepare for shifts in language, meaning, and self-concept that may accompany experiences with ketamine
  • Explain openly (in appropriate settings) about emotional responses (countertransference) to patient reports as they relate to the therapist’s own relationship to psychedelic therapy
  • Describe states of psychic disruption that suggest a need for more intensive treatment
  • Describe extended support services for the patient, including family or community resources
  • Plan the support of non-drug self-transformation efforts as part of KAP


  • Registration includes access to our online classroom, course handouts, and private course discussion board. All attendees may opt to be added to our professional community email list of about 1,000 professionals who have completed this (or similar) courses with us.
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