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What is the referral program?

Refer a colleague to our foundational 6-week PTI program. Their $100 application fee will be waived, and, if they end up registering, you will each receive a $250 credit with Fluence.

How does it work?

The process is pretty simple.

Step 1: Let us know that you’d like to participate in the program by filling in the form below. Once we verify your info we’ll provide you with a unique referral code.

Step 2: Share this code with your colleagues or friends who might be interested in and eligible for the program.

Step 3: Your contact uses this code when applying to the PTI program (and gets to waive the $100 application fee).

Step 4: We process their application. If they are approved, we send them an offer letter with an additional coupon code for $250 off the registration fee.

Step 5: When they register and enroll in the program, we send you a coupon code for $250 off your next enrollment at Fluence, good for our advanced certificates (eg. KAP, PHRI), Reading and Study Groups, and other elective or on-demand courses.

Sound good? Fill in the short form below and let’s get started!