Psychedelic Integration Therapy

What is Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

Psychedelic Integration Therapy (PIT) is a client-centered approach to working with people in a clinical setting who are considering having a psychedelic experience in any context, including therapeutic, spiritual, peer-led, or alone. Psychedelic Integration Therapy is transtheoretical and transdiagnostic, and can include working with patients both before and after a psychedelic experience, independently of that experience, and regardless of whether the provider is at all involved in that experience.  The Fluence model for Psychedelic Integration Therapy includes building on the practitioner’s existing psychotherapy skills and orientation, incorporates harm reduction and psychedelic-assisted therapy principles, as well as elements of mindfulness-based interventions and psychodynamic approaches.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy is differentiated from psychedelic harm reduction or integration that occurs in non-clinical settings. It is distinct from Psychedelic-assisted Therapy in that it focuses on preparation for and integration of psychedelic work, not the administration of psychedelics or conducting psychedelic sessions. Although Psychedelic-assisted Therapy includes Integration, it is our position that integration can be conducted independently of the psychedelic session.

General Principles

Psychedelic Integration Therapy:

Certificate Program Graduate Expectations:

The following are expectations of our Postgraduate Certificate in Psychedelic Integration Therapy graduates. Please see the Program Overview page for full details.

Knowledge, Competencies, Experience:

1. Knowledge:

The graduate will:

2. Competencies:

The graduate will:

3. Experience:

The graduate will: