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Join us for an hour with Julian Evans, author and director of the The Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Project, as we explore the complex world of psychedelic experiences. This webinar, “Blind Spots of Psychedelics,” will describe the multifaceted outcomes of psychedelic use, shedding light on the therapeutic potentials and the seldom-discussed extended difficulties some individuals face post-experience.

Our program kicks off with a 40-minute discussion hosted by Fluence co-founder Ingmar Gorman and Julian Evans, who will explore the key findings of his research and work. Discover the intricate balance between the profound healing and the challenging adverse experiences reported by participants, including emotional, cognitive, and existential difficulties. Julian will touch on the significance of set and setting, the role of guidance in psychedelic sessions, and the critical need for informed consent and post-experience support.

Following the discussion, we will open to Q&A on Zoom, providing you with the unique opportunity to ask Julian your questions. Whether you’re a mental health professional, a researcher, or someone with a personal or professional interest in psychedelics, this webinar is designed to provide critical insights into the psychedelic renaissance and the nuanced realities of psychedelic experiences.