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This 6-week, 120-minute group is designed to provide a creative and supportive environment for IFS informed or certified clinicians to discuss psychedelic preparation, dosing, integration work within the discourse of IFS. The group has an enrollment limit of 10 and each week two members of the group will present clinical material; usually this will mean material from patients in treatment, but other subjects of presentation are welcome, such as material from a non-clinical setting or direct personal experience. Group members will be asked to prepare and share their case presentations with the group before the presentation.

This consultation group presumes basic familiarity with psychedelic integration therapy, as taught through Fluence, as well as a solid grounding in IFS therapy. Please note your experience in the application. The group will explore techniques for working with managers, firefighters, and exiles (if appropriate) during psychedelic sessions, emphasizing safe, effective, and culturally sound practices. Special attention will be given to cultivating Self-Leadership and facilitating the healing process using both IFS and psychedelics. Each week will include case conceptualization exercises, allowing participants to apply what they have learned to real-world scenarios. These exercises will foster collaborative learning and provide opportunities for feedback and support from peers and facilitators. The consultation group will also cover advanced applications of IFS and psychedelic-assisted therapy, addressing complex cases and special populations.

This group will meet weekly on Zoom, and will keep the same members of the 6-week period. We will, together, strive to create a supportive, safe, creative and expressive environment with the same confidentiality parameters as a psychotherapy group. While we invite personal sharing, as usual, we ask that any clinician’s experience working outside a legal and licensed framework with substances be kept out of group discussion completely. The group is open to practicing clinicians of all persuasions, but will emphasize IFS and culturally diverse perspectives.

A limited number of diversity scholarships are available, please complete this application, in addition to the course application.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying three different parts (Exiles, Managers, and Firefighters) within the IFS framework, specifically in the context of psychedelic-assisted therapy using case examples.
  • Apply strategies for working effectively with Manager and Firefighter parts during psychedelic-assisted therapy by way of the 6F’s (Find, Focus, Flesh Out, Feel Toward, Befriend, and Fear).
  • Identify techniques for safely accessing and working with Exiles (if appropriate) during psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions.
  • Explain the efficacy of clinicians engaging with their own parts using the principles of Self-Leadership and explore the healing process within IFS, enhanced by psychedelic-assisted therapy, in working with one’s own parts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the clinical use of IFS and psychedelic-assisted therapy into treatment planning exercises for enhanced outcomes for clients.
  • Plan treatments incorporating trauma-informed care and cultural sensitivity when working with IFS and Psychedelics.
  • Identify at least three key safety protocols and ethical considerations specific to psychedelic-assisted therapy within the IFS framework, as demonstrated through case study analyses and ethical decision-making exercises.
  • Plan methods for evaluating the effectiveness of IFS interventions in psychedelic-assisted therapy, using consultation feedback, and self assessment.

Continuing Education

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