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This course covers introductory and foundational topics in the psilocybin-assisted therapy curriculum. Major areas are covered in this course are Oregon’s Facilitator Code of Ethics; historical, traditional, and contemporary practices and applications of psilocybin therapy; safety and the responsibilities of the psilocybin facilitator; psilocybin pharmacology, neuroscience, and clinical research; core psilocybin facilitation skills; and orientation and preparation of clients for psilocybin sessions. Students will engage with the topics of each lesson through background reading, audio, and/or video materials, a live-online meeting with their class and instructor including discussion and participatory learning activities, and skills practice sessions and assessment online using Skillsetter. This is the first course students will take in the Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy program, and is only open to students in the Program. There are no prerequisites for this course.