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In this course trainees receive instruction in psilocybin administration, integration, and group formats for psychedelic facilitation. Trainees are encouraged to develop their unique practice approach and learn all they will need to know to work within the parameters of Oregon’s Measure 109. Skills practice sessions are a large component of our training, both in asynchronous and live-online formats. Students will engage with the topics of each lesson through background reading, audio, and/or video materials, a live-online meeting with their class and instructor including discussion and participatory learning activities, and skills practice sessions and assessment using Skillsetter. This is the second course students will take in the Certificate in Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy program, and is only open to students in the Program. Pre-requisites for this course is Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy: Part 1.



Online Live


Paid Certificate Program only




Core Curriculum

I have greatly appreciated my training in psilocybin facilitation with Fluence. I realize it’s a challenging road to help licensed professionals find a path forward within the confines of Oregon Health Authority’s regulations and the federal schedule I status. Fluence goes above and beyond the basic knowledge regarding psilocybin facilitation to help one feel more competent to pursue working with this medicine once it’s rescheduled. Fluence does an amazing job building connections within the community of PAT. That has been a real highlight for me.

Jayne Laszewski
Certificate Program Student

The time I spent taking the fluence facilitator course, was spent in intense studying and networking with like minded individuals. The amount of knowledge and practical applications for NOSC was huge. I learned about the history, the current studies, and a good overview of the scientific literature about psilocybin. The course was in depth, and thorough.

Amelia Arapoff
Certificate Program Student