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Psychedelic-assisted therapy can have unique benefits for people with chronic pain and physical disability, yet limited information is available about the needs and experiences of this population in the psychedelic space. In this webinar, Aimee Copeland Mercier, LCSW, will share how somatic techniques within a safe container of psychedelic therapy allowed her to view her physical body from a new perspective and catalyzed her healing following flesh-eating bacteria, quadruple amputations, chronic neuralgia, and phantom limb pain.

This discussion will include:

  • Personal stories about journeying in the psychedelic space before and after quadruple amputations and how these physical changes have been integrated
  • The importance of therapeutic touch for people experiencing chronic pain and disability
  • An exploration of implicit biases related to disability and considerations for working with this population
  • Useful tips on how to create a setting that is accessible to people who experience disability
  • Safety and ethics

This webinar was recorded live July 24, 2023.