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Whether you seek a deeper understanding of boundary dissolution or wish to discuss boundaries in the context of psychedelic therapy, this course provides a platform to learn from and engage with others. The group will explore two primary topics related to boundaries with a focus on practical and useful applications.

First, the course will delve into personal boundaries with psychedelics. Through conversations and clinical practices, the group will examine healthy boundaries, core behaviors in changing conditions, and key therapy moments that are crucial for setting and discussing boundaries in psychedelic therapy

Second, the group will introduce abstracts and real stories related to boundary dissolution during psychedelic experiences, also known as Ego Death. This common, yet diverse experience involves the dissolution of one’s sense of self.

The course includes assigned readings, excerpts from books, and shared vignettes. During live course sessions, students will have the opportunity to discuss, critique, and share their ideas. The group will meet weekly, and membership will remain consistent throughout the 12-week program. Our goal is to create a supportive, safe, creative, and expressive environment with confidentiality parameters similar to those of a psychotherapy group. While personal sharing is encouraged, we ask that any confidential information related to clinician’s work with medications be kept out of group discussion. Client confidentiality must be strictly adhered to. This course is ideal for clinicians, graduate students, researchers, or individuals with an interest in evidence-based clinical integration for psychedelic therapy. Join us in exploring the intricacies of boundaries in psychedelic therapy while learning practical techniques.

A limited number of Diversity Fund scholarships are available, please complete this application, in addition to the course application.

Learning Objectives

  • List your understanding of boundaries in psychedelics. What it is, what it’s not, and why it’s important
  • Compare the differences boundaries set up by the clinician vs the client in a therapeutic relationship
  • Explain the different clinical boundaries there are in practice
  • Discuss how boundaries can change across people and different types of psychedelics
  • Examine historical, cultural and other external and internal dynamics that effect boundaries
  • Describe the 4 segments of boundaries that can appear in a clinical practice
  • Outline the foundational concepts of psychedelic boundaries
  • Describe how to set boundaries for proper therapeutic use
  • Compare and contrast your ideas in ways that allow your participants to have a unique, healthy and clinically approved therapy relationship

I really enjoyed learning about boundaries from Ryan. He does an amazing job at embodying a psychedelic energy while still maintaining pragmatic and scholarly foundation.

Joe Bernstein
Fluence Student