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Did you know that Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was a proponent of LSD? As clinicians interested in working with people with substance-related and behavioral addictions, please join this webinar about how psychedelics can shape personal growth through intentional communities, with a presentation and discussion on Psychedelics in Recovery (PIR) led by one of its founders. PIR is a 12-step fellowship whose members integrate intentional psychedelic experiences. The presentation will include the background and history of PIR, as well as an overview of its core components. The presenter and PIR also extend an invitation to people who wish to attend open meetings of PIR, whether online or in cities with in person meetings, regardless of whether or not you identify as a person in recovery.

Kevin F. is a psychotherapist and Licensed Addiction Counselor based in Littleton. But for the purposes of representing his experience, strength, and hope around his personal addiction story and involvement in the development of Psychedelics in Recovery (PIR), a 12-step oriented mutual aid group, he wishes to honor the spirit of anonymity central to this lineage. Kevin will share how the personal recovery journeys of he and a scattered group of people in both mainstream and specialized 12-step fellowships independently discovered the utility of blending elements of their psychedelic experiences. The Twelve Steps, originally conceived by Alcoholics Anonymous, have been described since their inception as a “design for living” a life freed from the obsession and compulsion attached to varied experiences of addiction. Along with PIR’s founding members, Kevin has attempted to grow the fellowship while weaving and expanding many of the complex and overlapping ideas around topics like psychedelic integration, harm reduction, drug exceptionalism, and abstinence-only approaches.

The webinar was recorded live on April 11, 2023 @ 3:00 – 4:00 PM EST.