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Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic also classified as a psychedelic. In the last decade it has become frequently sought as a treatment for depression and mood disorders. This training is designed for therapists, psychologists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who want to better understand the basics of ketamine and how they can ensure the best clinical outcomes for patients.

While ketamine is a powerful and promising treatment, effective and safe treatment involves far more than administering the drug itself. This course will teach medical professionals and mental health care providers how they can help their patients safely and legally access ketamine treatment, as well as prepare for and integrate those treatments using a psychedelic-assisted therapy framework.

This course includes a series of five videos which provide review of the key points presented in the Ketamine topic lectures. Videos are available as an enduring resource to participants. The live-online webinar is not recorded for replay.

Participants in this course will learn principles for screening and preparing patients for ketamine treatment, and integrating the insights generated from their experiences into follow up psychotherapy. We introduce a variety of care models including ketamine-assisted therapy, ketamine infusions paired with preparation and integration provided by a separate therapist.

The presenters of this course will present case examples and opportunities to practice real-world discussions role-play exercises. While an overview of infusion session procedures and ketamine effects is provided, complete ketamine administration instructions for medical professionals is beyond the scope of this course.

Please note, attendance will be verified during the live/online program in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you have any schedule conflicts please communicate with the trainers during the program. You will not receive a certificate of completion if you are absent for more than 3 total hours during the live program and role-plays.

A limited number of Diversity Fund scholarships are available, please complete this application, in addition to the course application.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the concepts of Drug Assisted Therapy to their clients
  • Describe how ketamine fits into treatment plans for depressive disorders
  • Apply and Integrate ketamine into their existing frameworks for managing clients with depressive disorders
  • Describe the current understandings of ketamine antidepressant mechanisms
  • Describe clients that might be appropriate for ketamine infusion therapy
  • Describe clients that might NOT be appropriate for ketamine infusion therapy
  • List the legal and practical hurdles in accessing this treatment for their clients
  • List the differences between the medical and recreational use of ketamine
  • Plan how to psychologically prepare their clients for the ketamine sessions
  • Prepare their clients in integrating the experiences from the ketamine sessions into their larger psychotherapeutic goals
  • Demonstrate specific psychotherapeutic techniques to maximize behavioral and cognitive changes during the neuroplastic windows opened by ketamine
  • Describe how ketamine could play a long term role in mental healthcare



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Workshop Core Curriculum

I absolutely love entering into Fluence training spaces. The team members within each training offer a well-rounded perspective to the topic in discussion. I’m always so impressed with the professionals offering these valuable and revolutionary teachings as everyone tends to be really grounded, knowledgeable, and passionate about this work. The material offered allows me to feel prepared and supported as I integrate a wider frame of healing into my own practice so that I can operate from an informed and ethical place. Thanks for helping to pave the way Fluence!

Maureen Schafer, LCSW
Fluence Student

This course covers a lot of useful territory in learning about Ketamine and KAP practice. It includes role plays, which were quite helpful in practicing the skills taught in the course. The instructors and team were very knowledgeable and engaging.

Josh Stieber, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Fluence Student

Amazingly articulate and patient directors whose knowledge eloquently explains the benefits of ketamine therapy, while taking time to clarify information on contraindications.

Jocelyn Evans
Fluence Student

I’ve been more than thrilled about my experience with Fluence thus far. I am a ketamine-assisted psychotherapist and continue to learn more information and modalities to incorporate into my practice, from both the instructors and fellow students. I’m so grateful for the opportunity for me to learn and grow into the best possible clinician to provide the highest standard of care for my clients.

Laura Hutchins
Fluence Student

As a counselor educator and 20 year veteran in the field of mental health, I can’t emphasize enough how effective and fulfilling the Fluence training was for me. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and articulated the material in engaging and dynamic ways. The content was a wonderful broad stroke of the pertinent information, while also being specific regarding research and trends in the psychedelic assisted therapy world. Trainings like this rarely if ever make me want to cartwheel with enthusiasm into the delivery of what I have learned – but I am over here cartwheeling with excitement to the tune of bringing this healing medicine into the work with my clients.

Sabrina Hadeed, PhD, LPC
Fluence Student